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Condor’s Wireline service has the capability and capacity to provide wireline services throughout out oil and gas well life, including well completion to abandonment; cement and casing evaluation, production logging and pipe recovery just to mention a few.

Condor focuses on providing a superior performance along with an efficient and safe wireline service to support the hydraulic fracturing operations. 


Condor uses the latest technology in plug and perf system, including addressable switch, consistent entry hole diameter shape charges and ESUB which provides plug and play arming capability in a shorter and expendable tandem sub.

Condor Wirelines’ state-of-the-art equipment and technology includes:

Full service heavy duty truck mounted wireline unit (Mercedes Benz 6 x 4), self contained for remote operations

Plug and play detonating system provides efficient and safe explosives arming and capability to verify gun wirings at all stages of plug and perf operation

Hydraulically powered winch, 54” drum with 22,000 ft (7,010 m) 9/32” extra high strength, rated to 500°F, mono-conductor wireline.

Addressable RF safe detonators

Both Warrior 8 and Baker Hughes acquisition system, offer flexibility to support most wireline tools in the market and all BHGE cased hole and open hole services

Consistent entry hole diameter charges, optimised for frac

5.125” ID 10 kpsi pressure control equipment with 66 ft lubricator, ensuring multiple clusters plug and perf service can be completed in single wireline run

Digital radial cement bond log

In addition to the advanced equipment, Condor provides highly skilled and experienced wireline crew delivering efficient and safe operational execution. Condor provides bespoke personalized design collaboration with our partners as part of our end to end service to help deliver the best possible results.

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