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All of Condor’s N2 pumping units are specially constructed, state-of-the-art flameless nitrogen pumping units designed for process, pipeline and downhole applications.

Each unit is operated and managed by highly experienced personnel. The N2 combo pump units work independently, or in conjunction with Condor’s coiled tubing equipment, providing an efficient and seamless service.

Each Condor N2 Pumping Unit is equipped with fully computerised control systems providing precise pumping operations with up to the second data on pressure, temperature, rate and product levels.

The Condor N2 Unit is a trailer-mounted, non-fired, nitrogen pumping unit for operation in environments with ambient temperature ranges of up to 113°F Engine power and recovered engine heat are used to vaporize and pump liquid nitrogen from the liquid nitrogen tank.

This unit is capable of pumping up to 180,000 SCFH of gaseous nitrogen with pressures up to 10,000 PSI and at discharge temperatures of 70°F. The liquid nitrogen is taken from the nitrogen storage/transport tank by a centrifugal boost pump to a high-pressure LN2 triplex pump.

High-pressure liquid nitrogen then passes through the unique non-fired vaporization system to convert the high-pressure liquid to high-pressure gaseous nitrogen.

Nitrogen is used in place of air whenever a risk hazard assessment dictates. It is used to shield potentially reactive materials from contact with oxygen and that is why Nitrogen Pumping is crucial to the oil & gas industry.

Condor’s N2 Pumping Units are used in concert with other specialist well intervention services, including;

N2 Cleanouts

Under Balancedd Drilling

Well Kickoffs

Pressure Testing

N2 Purging

Pipeline Pigging

Nitrified Acidizing

Facility Purging

Foam Cementing

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