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Hydraulic fracturing is a well stimulation process used to maximise the extraction of subsurface resources; including oil, natural gas, geothermal energy, and even water

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Condor’s coiled tubing (CT) conveyed intervention services are designed to improve well bore and reservoir performance. Our CT offering includes all the services and tools required for efficient and effective wellbore interventions

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Condor’s Wireline service has the capability and capacity to provide wireline services throughout out oil and gas well life, including well completion to abandonment; cement and casing evaluation, production logging and pipe recovery just to mention a few.

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All of Condor’s N2 pumping units are specially constructed, state-of-the-art flameless nitrogen pumping units designed for process, pipeline and downhole applications. Each unit is operated and managed by highly experienced personnel.

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Primary Cementing: Surface, Intermediate & Production Casing; Liners ; Water Wells/Injectors and Geothermal.

Remedial Cementing: Plug & Abandonment; Squeeze Cementing; Kick-Off Plugs and Cement Packers.


Condor is proud to offer a local R&D facility with various research, development and testing capabilities to service Australasia’s oil & gas industry.

Advanced domestic core and proppant testing plus various capabilities in the drilling, cementing, geochemistry and petrophysics domains are available.

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